Celebrating Queer Creators: Her Name In the Sky (A Book By Kelly Quindlen)

It’s a Legendary Ladies Book Club! Amy, Kat, and Morgan gather round their mics for another hiatus episode – this time, reviewing the book “Her Name in the Sky”, by Kelly Quindlen. In addition to sharing some big Legend of Tomorrow news, and equally exciting podcast news, the hosts offer listeners a spoiler free, followed by a spoiler-filled, discussion of the book. Want to know if the book will be up your ally? Listen until we give you the spoiler warning, and come back after you’ve finished. Already read the book, or just want to listen to Kat and Morgan’s Catholic school stories? Stay for the whole episode!

Kelly Quindlen can be found on twitter and instagram @kellyquindlen and you can find her books on her website or amazon: https://kellyquindlen.com.

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