Legendary Ladies Roundtable: Queer Representation in Media Part 1 (Bisexual Representation, Children’s Media, and More)

In honor of Pride Month, the Legendary Ladies are proud to present the first part of a very special roundtable haitus episode focusing on LGBTQA+ representation in television and film. Amy, Kat, and Morgan are joined by recurring guests Phil Falco and Sarah Boyce, as well as Legendary Listener Lara, for an honest, open, inclusive conversation about queer representation on screen. In the first of this two part series, the hosts dive into the first time they saw an LQBTQA+ character on screen, what it meant to them growing up, and how children’s media representation is changing for young viewers.

Additionally, in honor of the many bisexual characters on Legends of Tomorrow, the panel dives deep into bisexual representation throughout television media (including the effects the media has on bi-erasure and bi-phobia). The panel also shares personal stories about how certain stories touched or affected them based on the on-screen representation of a queer character. Additional topics include non-romantic representation of a gay men, common queer “tropes” in media, and representation in cartoons.

Different than many of the Legends Podcast episodes, this Roundtable series is intended to be an open, honest, hard hitting conversation. Listeners are advised to be aware of the topics discussed and consider any triggering discussions that may arise. We ask all fans to listen with an open heart and mind and, if they would like to discuss an opinion on the episode, to email the Legendary Ladies at thelegendspodcast@gmail.com with feedback. Part 2 will air next week with additional conversations including talk of representation in film, network responsibility in diversity within a creative team, and how large media groups chose to represent their queer characters.

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