Legendary Ladies: Spooky Sessions – Scream (1996)

Quick! Into the basement! And don’t forget to…um…not lock the door! And keep the lights off! It’s another episode of the Legendary Ladies Spooky Sessions, and this week, Morgan, Kat, and Amy are joined by Morgan’s fiance Mike to talk about the horror queen, Scream. As it’s Kat’s spooky swap pick, she leads a discussion about the classic horror film, talking about what makes the film so successful – and gets Amy’s impression of her first ever slasher flick! The hosts talk about their experience with horror flicks, what makes Scream a postmodern success, and what “The Final Girl” means to them after watching this film.

Next week, for their last Spooky Session, Morgan’s pick is “The Haunting of Hill House”!

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