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Kat, fellow host of the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, just launched her Kickstarter for her comic book Like Father, Like Daughter.

“Jim Ryder, a father with superpowers, leaves his wife and daughter to become “Invulnerable” – the world’s only superhero. Ten years later his daughter, Casey, discovers that she has inherited the very superpowers that made her father leave their family. Looking for answers about her abilities she reconnects with the father whom she hates.”

Kat wanted to offer the DC TV Podcast and Legendary Listeners something special when they backed up the campaign. So even if you back the campaign at a dollar and you write #LegendaryLadies in the comments of the Kickstarter page you will get a free digital comic book from our Short Fuse Media store, which has over 50 titles.

Link for the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shortfusemedia/like-father-like-daughter-collected-edition-tpb?ref=creator_nav

Link for Short Fuse Media’s Store: https://www.shortfusemediagroup.com/store/

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