Legends of Tomorrow is Cancelled – The Legendary Ladies Grieve

It’s the end of an era. With the sudden news that Legends of Tomorrow has been canceled, the Legendary Ladies joined fans online and live to share their grief and sorrow over the loss of this wild, wacky, heartwarming show. Kat, Amy, and Morgan wade through their frustration over the abrupt end to the seven season series, share some of their favorite memories about the series, and offer some ways for fans to show support for the show.

Want to share your thoughts on the series? The Legendary Ladies are hosting a Series Feedback episode — and are looking for listeners to join when we record in the next few weeks. Reach out to us at TheLegendsPodcast@gmail.com to be considered. We are also accepting written feedback that we will read on the podcast, but ask that all feedback be limited to something that can be read by the ladies in under 3 minutes, so we can include as much from our fans as possible.

Find the Earth-Prime Issue #3, the Legends of Tomorrow comic tie-in, here: https://tinyurl.com/a8vcbz59

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