Legends of Tomorrow Podcast – Episode 9.5: Legends of Tomorrow on Arrow (Part 2)

For the second part of our ninth episode, the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast co-hosts, Kat Calamia and Gregg Katzman, talk all about the Arrow episode ‘Haunted’, which marks the return of Matt Ryan’s John Constantine. Not only did the star from the cancelled NBC show make his big debut (and he played a bigger role than we anticipated!), but this was also an important episode because it incorporated a significant plot point for one of the Legends of Tomorrow characters, while also blatantly teasing the return of another one!

Did Kat and Gregg lose their minds while watching the episode, or did they think it was just pretty good? They take some time to talk about all of the important characters, plot points, and speculate a bit about the road ahead. Also, they spend just a wee bit of time talking about the latest episode of The Flash, too! That series also teased a Legends of Tomorrow character, but to a far lesser extent. Okay, who’s ready to delve into The CW DC Universe with our co-hosts?

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