Legends of Tomorrow Podcast Season 2 – Episode 8: The Chicago Way

On this week’s supersized Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, the Legendary Ladies discuss the midseason finale of Legends of Tomorrow and dive into the Legends specific themes from last week’s crossover. Amy and Kat participated in the live, DCTV Podcasts review of the crossover, but wanted to get Morgan’s opinion on the mega-movie, as well as expand on topics like the introduction of Stein’s daughter, Sara’s participation in the shared hallucination, and Nate’s new suit. The team then dive into this week’s episode, 2×08, as the Legion of Doom plays a dangerous game, Mick and Amaya get closer than ever, Snart returns (?) and Sara makes one of the hardest decisions she’s ever made. As usual, Amy, Kat, and Morgan read [lots of] feedback from viewers and update fans on what to expect with Legends switching days during the new year.

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