Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 5 – Episode 9: Zari Not Zari

The Legendary Ladies are back to cover a brand new episode of Legend of Tomorrow…and they brought another friend! This week, Amy, Kat, and Morgan are joined by a long time Legends fan, Phil Falco, the writer of the Haunting comic book series (live on Kickstarter!). Together, the team dives into the newest episode, “Zari, Not Zari” and discovers themselves surprisingly polarized on the episode. Where some love the Loom of Fate, others find it less than intriguing – while still others are lukewarm about it all together. One thing remained universal, however; the Ladies (and Phil) were blown away by Tala Ashe’s performance and began theorizing about how she might return. Finally, the ladies throw out a theory about Sara’s new Immortality gift…and what that might mean. As always, the hosts crown their MVP and read fan feedback. Stay tuned after the feedback for a special announcement for our Legendary Listeners!

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