Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 7 – Episode 13: Knocked Down, Knocked Up

The Legendary Ladies are back for their final recap episode ——– of Season 7!

Amy, Kat, and Morgan gather to discuss the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, “Knocked Down, Knocked Up” . After learning (a bit) about Booster Gold, the ladies chat about the fate of Nate, as well as discuss the amicable departure of Nick Zano. They also discuss alien biology (as well as what the results could mean for next season), Alun’s future, and just who the time cops are. This week, the ladies are joined by multiple live Patreon peoples who join in the chat and they read fan feedback.

Stay tuned for the annual O.W.L. Season rankings, and send your feedback in for our fan feedback episode in April! Email thelegendspodcast@gmail.com, and be sure to answer whether or not *you* think this is the best season of L.O.T yet!


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