Past, Present[s], and Future – A Legendary Giveaway

Happy Beebo Day! To celebrate the holidays, and the end of an amazing, crazy year, the Legendary Ladies gathered with their hot cocoa (made with chestnut milk, of course) to recap the year, share their plans for the future, and give their Legendary Listeners a chance to win a Legends of Tomorrow / Time Travely swag bag!

To enter the giveaway, listeners will have to listen to this episode and find the code word. Then, visit…, enter the code word. 

In addition to the giveaway, this episode also gives new listeners a little on the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, talks about the NEW and updated Patreon levels, reveals some numbery stats as a LOT Podcast Year in Review (thanks Swarley), and even has a sneak peak of the latest Patreon episode.


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