Breaking Down The Potential WGA Strike with Ray Utarnachitt (Legends of Tomorrow) + Christina Walker (Flash)

As May 1st draws closer, so too does the deadline for the WGA’s (Writer’s Guild of America) contract renewal -…...

As May 1st draws closer, so too does the deadline for the WGA’s (Writer’s Guild of America) contract renewal - as well as the strike that will come if an agreement is not reached. In solidarity with the writers of some of their favorite television, the Legendary Ladies invited writers Ray Utarnachitt (DC’S THE LEGENDS OF TOMORROW) and Christina Walker (CW’S THE FLASH) for a round table discussion about the ins-and-outs of the challenge facing the Guild. The conversation moves from the basics, such as how the WGA works and what a strike authorization *actually* means, to the more complex issues, such as the changing landscape of residuals in a world where streaming is the new ‘name of the game’ and how the industry shift to “micro” writing rooms creates an imbalance between the work required - and the pay received for it. Join in the fight with The Legendary Ladies and support and honor the WGA by listening, learning, and sharing the episode!

Meet the guests!

Ray Utarnachitt is a TV writer/producer. He is a Michigan native and like any good Asian student, was pre-med at the University of Michigan for 3 years. Much to his parents’ dismay, he switched tracks and graduated with a Film degree. Ray broke into the business working in production on commercials, music videos, and features. He was a writer and Executive Producer on DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. He’s also written for PERSON OF INTEREST, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, THE FLASH, and SUPERGIRL. He is an alumnus of the Warner Bros. Writers Workshop.

From period pieces to Sci-fi, supernatural genre to high-concept and action packed, Christina Walker’'s unique background and diverse voice has led her to staff on a wide range series and all of those rooms highlight her as true value added. Most recently her talents have put her in the high-concept and action space having worked on Seasons 7 & 8 of CW'S THE FLASH. 


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