Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 5 – Episode 15: Swan Thong

The Legendary Ladies are back with their final episode review for Season 5 of Legend of Tomorrow. Amy, Kat, and…...

The Legendary Ladies are back with their final episode review for Season 5 of Legend of Tomorrow. Amy, Kat, and Morgan gather for a discussion of “Swan Thong”...and listeners may learn something shocking about 2 of the 3 hosts. The Encore History section of this week’s episode takes a wild turn as the ladies dole out some ever helpful bullet points about all the encores we saw in this episode - as well as some of the other historical figures seen. The Ladies discuss the future of the show with only one Zari, whether or not it was time for Charlie to move on, and speculate on Sara’s fate. The hosts also read extensive fan feedback and share their MVP for the week. Stick around for the final, main season Legendary Listener Spotlight!   This week, the Ladies are joined by Mark Bickford ( @MarkhbPWM ) on twitter, who has been with the Podcast since Season 0! Mark shares some ideas on how Season 1 could have been improved and gives the Legendary Ladies some lessons in Crustaceans.

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