Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast/Supergirl Radio Crossover – The Flash Armageddon

It’s a crossover event so let’s level up! Kat and Morgan from the Legends of Tomorrow podcast are joined by…...

It’s a crossover event so let’s level up! Kat and Morgan from the Legends of Tomorrow podcast are joined by Rebecca Johnson from Supergirl Radio to talk about The Flash’s Armageddon crossover event. What did we think of our first glimpse of a Legends-less Ray Palmer? Did we feel like the storyline with Damien Darhk and Nora was just retreading ground already covered on Legends? And do the Flash writers have a beef with Legends of Tomorrow?

We ask (and sometimes even answer) all these questions and more as we talk about the 5-episode event on The Flash. We also discuss what we thought of Alex Danvers in the crossover, whether we know what’s happening at all on The Flash, and do some Snap Judgements! Random segues include Riverdale and Fleetwood Mac. It’s all the randomness you expect from the Legendary Ladies with the organization skills of Rebecca from Supergirl Radio! The perfect crossover!

You can find the full video recording of the episode on the DCTV Podcasts YouTube channel here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Myf_GXtk9b8… You can find Supergirl Radio on Twitter @SupergirlRadio and on Facebook@SupergirlRadio. You can also find them on the web on http://supergirlradio.com and anywhere podcasts can be listened to at Supergirl Radio.

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