Legendary Interviews: Diving Into Kickstarter’s Most Popular Queer NSFW Fairy Tale Comic”

August 10, 2023

Nothing makes the Legendary Ladies happier than celebrating the success of one of their own – and in this week’s episode, it’s all about “The Beast and Snow”, Kat’s newest viral NSFW queer fairy tale Kickstarter comic! Joined by guest host and co-writer, Phil Falco, Kat dives into the process of creating this new comic, […]


Pilot Pod: The Dragon Prince “Echoes of Thunder”

August 4, 2023

The Legendary Ladies are back with a Duo PilpotPod! This week, Amy and Morgan go back in time and visit the first episode of The Dragon Prince, and break down the pilot from a few different angles. One of the key discussion points? Is this even a pilot? Can a straight to series netflix show […]


The Barbie Movie: Will It Be A Franchise And Is It Okay If It’s Not?

July 26, 2023

It’s Legendary Barbie! Amy, Kat, and Morgan absolutely saw Barbie in the first week – and now they have thoughts! The hosts discuss which audience the film was made for – and which it was marketed for, if the distinct style an Indie Director had an influence on the general effect of the film, and, […]


Legendary Lists: Top 5 Avatar the Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra Episodes

July 18, 2023

The Patrons asked – and we delivered! In this much requested episode, the Legendary Ladies share their top 5 episodes from the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe. Did any episode make all the lists? Which episode did someone forget about…and later regret? Who may have thought the assignment only included The Last Airbender…and thus, had […]


Nimona’s Queerness And Its Disney Roots

July 10, 2023

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a whale? No! It’s Nimona! The Legendary Ladies (sans Morgan) gather to watch and discuss the newest Netflix movie, based on the graphic novel of the same name. Amy and Kat chat about the animation style of Nimona, where the story differs from the graphic novel, and why the […]


Legendary Lists: Top 5 LGBTQIA+ Canon Ships

July 3, 2023

Set sail with the first of the Legendary Lists! This week, Amy, Kat, and Morgan each pick their top 5 queer *canon* couples on television – and the answers might surprise you! Who chose the most animated couples? What couple didn’t make a certain host’s list…and was it a mistake? And can you guess the […]


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