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The Bear Season 3: Is It the Best Season Yet?

July 7, 2024

Yes Chef! In this Duo episode, Kat and Morgan tackle season 3 of FX’s The Bear, which recently dropped on Hulu. What did we think of the Carmy, Sydney, Richie and company trying to keep their new restaurant afloat? How did the slower pacing of the new season work for us? What do we think […]

Pilot Pod: The Boys – Why It Survives Superhero Oversaturation

June 24, 2024

On this week’s The Legendary Ladies Podcast, Amy and Kat are diving into THE BOYS (metaphorically). While season 4 is in full swing, the hosts decided to finally take the plunge and watch the pilot, which they both thoroughly enjoyed. In the course of their discussion, they chat about how the format and pacing of […]

Netflix’s Hit Man: Would It Be A Better As A TV Show Than Movie?

June 14, 2024

Netflix’s Hit Man: Would It Be A Better As A TV Show Than Movie?  Put on your wig, the Legendary Ladies are discussing the new Netflix comedy “Hitman.” In this Duo episode, Morgan and Kat discuss the new Glen Powell movie based on a true story about a fake Hitman. We talk about the Glen […]

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