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“Am I Okay” on HBO Max: A Queer Journey That Connects With Every Millenial (Including Our Hosts)

June 10, 2024

This week, the Legendary Ladies watch “Am I Okay?”, starring Dakota Johnson, which has finally made its way onto HBO Max, despite having made the film circuits back in 2022. The first film in a while that has won over all three hosts, Amy, Kat, and Morgan chat about what makes this film so relatable. […]

Is Bridgerton Season 3 New Watcher Friendly?

May 23, 2024

This author thinks it’s high time that the Legendary Ladies discussed Bridgerton Season 3! Join the Legendary Ladies as we take a stroll through London high society and peek in on the marriage mart in the Ton in season three’s first episode. Was this the right season to drop Kat in with no context? (No.) […]

Pilot Pod: X-Men 97 “To Me, My X-Men” – Is It Worth The Hype?

May 19, 2024

Amy and Kat are back for another duo episode, and this one is long overdue. In fact, we admit it’s actually sort of wild how long it’s taken for The Legendary Ladies Podcast to cover X-Men ‘97! But, they’ve finally watched the Pilot, and they’re so glad they did. The hosts discuss the pacing of […]

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