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Is Whiplash a “Perfect” Movie?

February 15, 2024

With awards season buzzing in the air, The Legendary Ladies go back in time to review the 2014 film Whiplash. A personal movie favorite for one of the hosts, and a challenging watch for another, the discussion led Amy, Kat, and Morgan on an invigorating debate on more than one heavy topic Can a movie engage you, but […]

Pilot Pod: Hazbin Hotel “Overture”: The Anti-Disney?

February 9, 2024

“It’s a lovely day in hell!”, sing the characters of this week’s PilotPod – Prime Video’s new series, Hazbin Hotel. Reviewing this unexpectedly musical pilot, the Legendary Ladies are surprised to find that…all three of them like the show! They chat about why whacky stories with character heartbeats attract the hosts, whether or not the […]

The Queerness of Mean Girls The Musical Movie

February 2, 2024

You go Glen Coco! The Legendary Ladies are back to chat about the new Mean Girls (2024) movie (/musical/adaptation/not-adaption?). Amy, Kat, and Morgan, all of whom are *well* acquainted with the original 2004 version, break down what worked and what didn’t in this movie based on a musical based on a movie based on a […]

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